25 years of intense work, precision, consistency - this is a recipe for the success of the Kamilena brand, one of the largest manufacturers of machines and machine parts in Lodz and all Poland.

Today, our plant is a dynamically operating, constantly improving company that will design and create every product in one place. We often deal with the subcontracting for the production sector of machinery and technical equipment for the aerospace, military, automotive and processing industries. We employ young, talented, creative and ambitious people and use the latest technologies, including: digital modeling software for solid or surface constructions, CNC machines for chip machining and injection molding machines for the production of plastic components.



In Kamilena we mainly specialize in the design and production of spare parts for machines and constructionally complex production elements, such as blanking dies or injection molds. We manufacture drive shafts, pulleys, flanges, screws, sleeves, cones, screw cups, couplings, connection pipes, reducers, tap screws, punches, columns, ejectors (knock-outs), shafts (cylinders, rollers), bushings, rings, lids, pistons, piston rods, pegs (pins) and many other details with high degree of complexity. The range of our services includes machining of materials, design and construction of mechanical, mechatronic and pneumatic devices as well as automation of production lines. The wide and modern machine park allows us to make technically complex machine parts while maintaining high accuracy.



  • CAD design,

  • prototyping,

  • machining;

  • machining of plastics;

  • CNC milling;

  • CNC turning,

  • welding of metals,

  • manufacture of parts and unit devices,

  • multi-series elements production.

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